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Going from 0 to 1

The Pulse by TOGETHER 4

“Deliberate discomfort pays dividends!”
— Jason B.A. Van Camp

Starting is scary.

Hitting publish, scary.
Shipping new, scary.
Taking a stand, scary.

Starting is terrifying.

When you venture into the unknown, you’re faced with the discomfort of not knowing how things will turn out.

How others will respond.
If anyone will care.
Will they notice?

Brené Brown describes these moments as "FFT" (effing first times), and they’re accompanied by a bitter cocktail of vulnerability and fear. But within these firsts lies an opportunity for growth.

In his book ‘Zero to One’, Peter Thiel expands on the idea, highlighting how these leaps are the catalyst for innovation. It's in these moments of creation, when we move from nothing to something, that the greatest breakthroughs occur. Thiel's insights remind you that it's not about copying what's already been done, but envisioning what should exist.

By embracing the discomfort of FFTs and choosing scary AND courage, you discover new possibilities. 

In this launch edition, we’re choosing to welcome Scary to journey with us as we explore how to face unknowns with confidence. Let’s dive in!


Battle Resistance & Pursue Your Calling
(audio | words) – via Rich Roll

Success doesn’t manifest immediately. A calling will always come encased in resistance. And hard work will always beat natural talent. Here to wax poetic on all things creativity, battling resistance, and answering your calling is wise master of the creative process Steven Pressfield. The occasion for today’s exchange is Steven’s brand new memoir, GOVT Cheese—a deep dive into the improbable story of his life as he transforms from a flawed, broken truck driver to fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer. And of course, it explores the process required to birth a creative work and share it with the world.

When One Nudge Changes Everything
(audio | words) – via We Are For Good

Meet Heather. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she knows firsthand what many women (and men) really need during their cancer battle: help with the everyday tasks. That’s where Pink Ribbon Good comes in. Through doorstep delivery of healthy meals, peer support, rides to and from treatment and a community ready to care for clients every step of the way. Every 90 seconds someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Good makes sure that no one travels this road alone. Tune in to hear Heather’s moving personal experiences and how they have shaped the life-changing work she does today.

The Crossroads of Should and Must
(video | words) – Talks at Google 

Should is how others want us to show up in the world — how we’re supposed to think, what we ought to say, what we should or shouldn’t do. It’s the vast array of expectations that others layer upon us. When we choose Should the journey is smooth, the risk is small. Must is different—there aren’t options and we don’t have a choice. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. 


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