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Strategic Growth Frameworks

Nonprofit Growth Frameworks by TOGETHER 4


"If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader." – Dolly Parton



MSPOT. EOS. 2x2.

Huh?!? 🫤

Easily confused as a word scramble from today's New York Times – these are frameworks pioneered by hyper-growth leaders at companies like Google and Salesforce.

Unlike the rigid solutions often proposed in MBA programs, these frameworks aren't designed to produce answers. Instead, they provide you focus and enhance your flexibility, equipping you with a dynamic approach to decision making (see The Pulse | 003).

Change is now constant, and you often find yourself grappling with complexity. Enter frameworks — tools like HubSpot's MSPOT and Salesforce's V2MOM, which provides a structured path to align marketing strategies or business objectives.

Similarly, the 2x2 matrix offers a visual method to decouple biases from decision-making, strip away the noise, and help you pinpoint what truly matters.

In this edition, we'll explore the frameworks you can use to better align your plans + teams to strategic outcomes. Let's dive in! 


Strategic Growth Frameworks

Rethinking OKRs

(video | words) – via Google

OKRs are great when you can (to some degree) predict the future, but they’re less instructive to your team in times of uncertainty. It’s now impossible to feel 100% confident in our plans.

As a result, we’ve changed our approach to goal-setting and audited our measurement and research behaviours. Google’s marketing measurement evangelist Avinash Kaushik did a great job of establishing some do’s and don'ts on specific tactics.

5 Frameworks to Drive Growth

(interview | words) – via Elate 

If you currently own a smartphone then you are probably familiar with the term OS, which stands for operating system. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, these devices run on a framework system that helps all of the other apps communicate and execute on tasks.

Many companies incorporate an "operating system" to guide decisions and prioritize work to be done.

These operating systems are usually referred to as goal setting frameworks. There are many different frameworks that exist, but each one helps companies establish their vision and plan to execute on growth. They serve as tools to ensure employees are aligned on company goals and transparent about results.

Designing Your Life

(video | interview) – via Dave Evans + Bill Burnett

“This thing we call design thinking… Now we used to call it just human-centered design. We’ve been doing this at Stanford for a long time since 1963 when we started this program. The way you do it is you just change your mindset. You start thinking like a designer.

So there’s five mindsets, curiosity, rather than being a skeptic, be curious, because if we’re talking about the future, there’s no data anyway. So let’s just get curious and check it out. That’s where the energy for our change comes from. And then we frame the problem.

This famous Peter Drucker quote, “There’s nothing quite that’s so useless as doing something very well that never needed to be done in the first place,” right? So, change the problem because most people are working on the wrong problem. And then radical collaboration, the problems and the interesting solutions are out in the world."


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